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which website builder is best

Which Website Builder Is Right For You?

When the Internet was just getting its sea legs, building a website was an expensive ordeal. You needed to hire an HTML coder, a designer, and a copywriter. Sometimes you also needed to hire a project manager to make sure everyone was working together in a coordinated fashion. The website was built exclusively for you

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Three Reasons That Yes, You Do Need a Website

I came across an article recently that shared an incredible statistic: in 2018 more than one-third of the small businesses in the US still didn’t have a website. The number one reason for not getting a website? That having a website wasn’t relevant to the small business owner’s industry. Wow. So this fired me up

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Why Perfectionism Is Business Enemy #1

Through my years of helping entrepreneurs launch their business, the one thing that kills momentum faster than you can say “rockin’ my business” is the need to get things perfect. It’s an easy trap to fall into. We hear so much advice about what we must do for our business. We listen closely and download

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The Power of Implementation

As a business coach, it’s my mission to empower smart, talented business owners to get out there and share their superpowers with the world. I know first-hand how hard it can be to start a business out of thin air and make it grow. It took me time to get it right, but I’ve learned what

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How to Network Your Way to Success

  Successful networking is the key to any business’ success, whether you’re a single shingle shop owner or the CEO of a global conglomerate. Study after study shows that networking is the number one strategy to move your business forward. At its heart, networking is about getting in front of the right people at the

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