Brand Genie client Linda Weston Soloprenuer Spotlight

What She Said…

Recently, I had a chance to catch up with one of our Brand Genie clients, Linda Weston, a business consultant for high-growth start-up companies. Linda was a long-time Executive Director of Oregon’s largest start-up networking organization that provides critical opportunities for entrepreneurs including paths to funding and hands-on business advice.

When Linda retired from her executive director position to launch her own consultancy, she was overwhelmed by the prospect of launching a website. Linda was kind enough to share her experience with getting a website and how it’s helped her business grow.

Brand Genie: Why do you think a website is important to your business?
Linda: It’s all about credibility. Most of my business comes through referrals. Having a well designed and well written website to send them to is so valuable. That way people can learn about me in a low stress environment before investing in a consulting project with me.

Brand Genie: What kinds of comments do you hear about your website?
Linda: I constantly get comments about how attractive my site and how easy it is to navigate. They love the colors, the photos, and how clean it is. And they love the storytelling aspect of it. The site reflects what’s important to me – and people see that.

Brand Genie: How was your experience with Brand Genie?
Linda: The Brand Genie process was so simple and easy. It totally alleviated my anxiety. I felt listened to and heard. It definitely wasn’t a cookie cutter process!

Brand Genie: What advice would you offer other solopreneurs?
Linda: Running any business is all about relationships. Clients are looking for the right chemistry. In today’s competitive environment, you need a website that tells a story and demonstrates that you care. Having a website that authentically reflects your values will give you so much confidence.

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