“I loved the one-on-one attention from Brand Genie. The help I got on my brand and website has made my business so much better.”

Lindsay Kelling, Boutique Owner
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“It has been such a joy - and a relief! - to work with Brand Genie.”

Inez Coppola, Intuitive Healer
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“I’m amazed at the Brand Genie process: so easy, so responsive, so efficient. Yet it’s such a deep and personal experience.”

Barb Robitaille, Spiritual Coach
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“I feel so proud of my website. It really expresses my personality.”

Sheri Luevano, Drums Instructor
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“Working with Brand Genie was stress-free. And, you just can't beat the price.”

Erin Donley, Ghostwriter
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“Working with Brand Genie, I discovered who I am, what I offer, and why it matters. It was an enlightening process!”

Betsy Warriner, Non-Profit Consultant
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“I love the support that Brand Genie offers. That's huge for me.”

Jo Ann Erickson, Body Confidence Coach
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“The Brand Genie process is so simple, but it really helps you think about what you want to communicate.”

Linda Weston, StartUp Consultant
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“I gained an awareness of myself as a business owner. I felt like my Brand Genie Expert really understood me.”

Kim Feicke, Energy Healer
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“Brand Genie delivers a website that’s easy to use and looks beautiful. The process is simple and fun.”

Shelley Thomas, MELT Instructor
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“I know I couldn't have done this on my own.”

Lynne Hite, Spa Consultant
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“Working with Brand Genie is the best business decision I've ever made.”

Liz Kimball, Coach
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