I’m an intuitive healer. I love working with people on their healing journey and helping them get to the heart of their pain, whether it’s physical or emotional. Providing comfort and guidance, I meet my patients where they are. I’ll look into my patient’s spirit and heart to see where they’re stuck and then I’ll find the tool that feels right to start them on a healing path.

When I was in school I learned all about acupuncture, herbalism, and Reiki. But even then I knew that I wanted to focus on more than just the physical: I wanted to help people through their emotional issues and even their trauma to help them heal from a truly nurturing place.

After graduating from school, I opened my own practice. Right away, I noticed how strong my intuition was and how much that helped with healing patients. The results were pretty profound. Patients would tell me “I feel so much better,” or “I’m not thinking the negative thoughts that I used to.”

I also worked in a clinic for recovering addicts where, again, I witnessed amazing results. I’d see patients who were in a total state of crisis, and then they’d relax enough to actually sleep. The power of the healing was mind blowing.

Then I had to stop working for about three months because I got sick. When I came back to work, I decided to join another practice so that I could focus on just the work of taking care of patients. I still practice at this clinic part-time, but I also started hearing a voice that was telling me to open my own practice again.

My inner voice was very clear. It told me to open a new practice in White Salmon, Washington. I had no choice but to listen! So here I am opening my new practice in the beautiful town of White Salmon.

My advice to other women entrepreneurs? Focus on what you’re great at, and let others do what you’re not great at. Most importantly, trust in your path and follow your intuition. We all experience so much self-doubt, especially us women! But we must recognize our special gift and that what we have to offer is so important.