I started my career in the corporate world and it was stressful! Every Sunday night, I was sick about starting another work week. I just didn’t like making cold calls.

Then I had a day spa experience on Mother’s Day. Everything was calm and relaxing. That’s when I decided to become a massage therapist and aesthetician. Over the next fifteen years I’ve enjoyed wonderful relationships with my day spa clients. Together in that room, they’d share so much with me. One client confided that her new boyfriend was a sex addict. Another client discovered her lump on my massage table. I was with her for the whole journey, even throughout her breast reconstruction. We cried together, but we also laughed together. I was really there for her.

What I realized was that I was actually coaching a lot of my clients – but I just wasn’t aware of it. Four years ago, I started talking with a friend about wanting to shift in a new direction. That’s when I found out about life coaching. As fate would have it, a coaching program was starting in two weeks. I knew it was a sign.

Now that I’m coaching, I help clients take better care of themselves. I also help them find out what they actually want to do – and then how to take the action steps that will get them there. Those steps, even small ones, are so important. I love seeing women being able to make real changes and start living boldly.

For a while I wanted to keep the coaching and the day spa work separate. But then I realized they’re really two sides of the same coin. Now I’m more passionate about both! In this spirit, I’ve decided to start offering retreats that focus on self-care where amazing women can come together to relax and have fun.

What I’d love to share with other women entrepreneurs, is that when you run your own business, you get to create what you want to create. If you’re tempted, you should just go for it. Your clients are out there. Just get out there and do it.