I’m a Texas girl. I grew up in Corpus, TX and after high school, moved to Houston with my dad. I found a job in Houston as a child support enforcement clerk. I know. Not your run-of-the-mill job. Then I moved to San Antonio and got a job at an environmental construction company where I worked on bids globally. It was a really cool job, but I was away from home a lot.

I knew that I wanted a career that would let me be home more. So I landed a job in IT sales and was able to work with a better home/life balance. This was a start, but still something was missing…

My husband inspired me. He said “you really need your own thing.” So I started thinking. I realized that I like clothes and I like to buy stuff. My husband kept pushing me. “You seem to enjoy your jewelry,” he said. My wheels started turning.

I went on a trip and knew it was time to take action and start something of my own! So I dove in. I already had the name “Life & Lemons” on Snapchat. I googled “website design” and Brand Genie came up.

I called my husband and he said “yea, let’s do it.” It wasn’t a long, thought-out process. It just happened! Once I got my website from Brand Genie, my business felt like it was real. I always thought that running an Internet-based business would be really fun.

Now that I’ve started, I’ve loved the process of setting up and diving into the back-end of my site. Picking the items to sell has been stressful, but it’s also taught me something important: you can’t please everyone. My plan is to stay small for three years so that I can grow organically. So far, I’ve had a few orders. I’m working towards the goal of having an order a day.

My advice to any businesswoman is that selling your soul doesn’t get you very far. Now that I’m focusing on what actually makes me happy, I feel a lot richer. If you’re thinking about launching a company, I’d say it’s all about less thought, more doing. Over-thinking things just won’t get you there. Last piece of advice? Family is everything. Without my husband and my son, I probably would have quit a long time ago. I know they’re with me 100%, no matter how long it takes to build my business.