I was born into a family of artists. Super quirky and wildly multi-faceted, my parents were a whirlwind of creativity. I was a classical ballet dancer for 20 years. After that I had a career as an actor for 12 years. But there was always a part of me that didn’t accept the artist in me. I felt like I had to get a “real job.” After getting trained as a coach I tried to let go of being an artist. But that didn’t work. When you try to eliminate a part of who you are it just grows back stronger. I realized that I’m multi-faceted with multiple passions.

Now that I’ve re-embraced my creative side, I’m noticing a flow and effortlessness. I’ve stopped trying to pose as someone who people thought I should be. There’s an entrepreneurial part of me and an artist part of me.

That’s where I’m at now. People I’m working with now are people with multiple talents and passions. I’m helping them organize all of that and live that life. People shouldn’t hide themselves. If you just drop that and show up as you are that’s when your life really starts to soar and the work that’s meant to come out will.

My advice to women entrepreneurs? Your platform and your tribe and your community need all of who you are. Your intersection is what makes you unique. A creative practice is helpful for all of us, no matter what our background is. Creativity can’t be forced. You have allow it to emerge. It evolves. And that’s a great lesson for life. Because when you let go of the result, you get the result you want. The muscle to let go is a muscle we must grow. Our insatiable need for perfect results is like a tiny terrorist inside our bodies. Your wonder work has to come from a spirit of not knowing the answer. That gets the knowing. Confidence is never a prerequisite. That comes out of a desire that you act on. When you act on it, it will feel deeply uncomfortable. Only over time and after repeatedly moving in a new direction will things start to happen naturally. You first have to follow the impulse even if it feels scary. Then you’ll feel confident.