Silvia’s Story:
For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to organize. When I was a kid, I’d straighten up my things, and then I’d move on to organizing stuff for my mom, my dad, and my siblings. I couldn’t help myself! There was something so amazing about watching order come out of chaos.

I still get that sense of excitement when I walk into a clean and organized space. When I can walk around and find things, I get this calm feeling inside. My stress just melts away.

That’s why I’m so excited to bring my lifetime obsession to families and businesses who are wanting to clear the clutter. I’ve witnessed first-hand how empowering it is to live and work in a space that’s organized. Suddenly you have more free time and things just seem easier. You’re no longer overwhelmed trying to track down a book or a clothing item or a favorite photo. Enabling that deep joy is what drives me and makes me so happy.

In a past life, I was a test product engineer on fabrics. I tested and developed fabric for jeans. I traveled the world looking for new trends in fabrics so that we could bring our customers new and exciting products.

I remember one thing that I loved to do there: organizing all of the promo materials. There was so much to keep track of, but creating a system made it easier for everyone.

I was the only woman in my team of managers. And sure enough, I was the one who oversaw all of the details! I’d be there late at night taking care of final prep work before a big meeting. I realized then that organization was deeply embedded in my DNA.

Lilian’s Story:
In my past life, I was a dentist and an orthodontist. Running a dental practice requires extreme organization, with patient charts, exam results, literature on new treatments, and much more to keep track of. If you’re wanting to demonstrate that you offer state-of-the-art dental care, your practice needs to show it.

I’ve always been drawn to beautifully structured places and I’m particularly inspired by good design. At its heart, good design is about well-defined organization. I’ve always looked at the world through an artist’s eye, so I’m excited to bring my natural sense of design to our customers.

Our Story:
We both moved here from outside of the US. Our husbands work at Nike and we met through the Brazilian community in Portland. We got to know each other casually through breakfast and dinner gatherings. At first we just said hello to one another But then we started talking more. One day Lilian said “I’d like to do something more with my day. I’d like to start a business.” And Silvia was in exactly the same place. She was ready to start something too. She said, “Let’s do it.”

And that’s how we got started. We brainstormed on what we could do and through our ongoing discussions, we realized that we both share a passion for organization, and in particular, helping bring that organization to others.

We started studying together to get our certifications. The more we spent time together, the more we knew we were the right partners. We both work hard. And we both appreciate each other’s strengths.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, you’ll know you’ve landed on the right idea when you feel “the butterflies” go crazy in your stomach. That’s the sign!

You also need to recognize that setting up a business requires patience. There are so many new connections to make. So many different parts and pieces that need to be in place. Yes, you need to be bold and try things, but you also need to recognize that some things just take time. But if you have patience, the right path will make itself known. That’s what keeps us going!