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Author Kay Jennings shares her journey to publishing her first novel, tips for writers, and why having a compelling website is so important for an author.

Solopreneur Spotlight: Author Kay Jennings

Have you ever dreamed of penning your own novel? Or even of making writing your full-time career? In our latest Solopreneur Spotlight, we spoke to a Brand Genie client who’s done just that! We recently had the pleasure of working with author Kay Jennings to create a moody and mysterious website, perfectly suited to promote

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Three Reasons That Yes, You Do Need a Website

I came across an article recently that shared an incredible statistic: in 2018 more than one-third of the small businesses in the US still didn’t have a website. The number one reason for not getting a website? That having a website wasn’t relevant to the small business owner’s industry. Wow. So this fired me up

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